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Tennis Programs

Tri-City offers a variety of programs for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are just beginning to play, or are looking for a staff and facility to hone your skills, Tri-City has the ability to meet your expectations.

Adult Tennis
Our clinics are run year-round in 10-week sessions, and are available to fit your scheduling needs. Players are grouped based on ability; we have groups for players of all levels, including those who are completely new to the game. In addition to these adult clinics, we have walk-in programs available (Shot of the Day and Aerobic Tennis).

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Junior Tennis
Our junior groups are available after school and on weekends. Players are grouped based on ability, with age also taken into account. Along with these groups, we have an extensive summer camp, as well as camps over holiday breaks during the school year. Instructors are trained using a games-based approach, ensuring that all kids have fun while learning proper mechanics and fundamental strategies.

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Junior Team Tennis

Tennis Team players are split up into different age divisions (12 & Under, 14 & Under, and 18 & under) and levels. A match consists of 6 sets (boy's singles, girl's singles, boy's doubles, girl's doubles, and 2 sets of mixed doubles). The team with the most games won in total after each set wins the match. Teams are typically comprised of at least 3 boys and 3 girls, with a parent acting as a captain (at least 2 boys and 2 girls need to be present at each match).

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