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Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis leagues begin in the fall. Team tennis is a lot of fun, and immensely helpful to the young players' game.

About Junior Team Tennis

Players are split up into different age divisions (12 & Under, 14 & Under, and 18 & under). In addition, the 14s and the 18s are split up into an A level and a B level, with the A level being intended for higher ranked tournament players within each age group.


Players will be a part of a team; for each match, teams will play 6 sets (boy's singles, girl's singles, boy's doubles, girl's doubles, and 2 sets of mixed doubles). The team with the most number of total games after each set wins the match. Each team is typically comprised of at least 3 boys and 3 girls, with a parent acting as a captain (at least 2 boys and 2 girls need to be present at each match).

Questions about Junior Team Tennis?

Contact Andy Schechter by email or call him at Tri-City (518) 785-4311.

The team tennis format provides a great opportunity to play matches, both singles and doubles, against a variety of other players at your level, while at the same time having the experience of playing tennis as part of a team. If you are interested in playing, we recommend the following:

1.) Become a USTA member if you're not already. The league is run through the USTA, and therefore membership is mandatory.
2.) Talk to your friends. If you know of other players that you'd like to play with, that'd be great! They may recruit you for their team, or you may want to start your own team. Remember, you'll need both boys and girls on each team.
3.) Find a captain. As long as the players are committed to playing in most of their team's matches, being a captain is simple. They'll have to register the team ahead of time, make sure the minimum number of players are available for each match, and record the scores online after each match.
4.) If you need extra players, and you've exhausted your search, talk to your coach and let him/her know what you're looking for; he/she may know of other people you can ask.
5.) Once your team is set, contact Cindy Kandath, who is in charge of the league, at dkandat1@nycap.rr.com, or 365-5291; she'll get you started with everything you need to know.


The season starts in early November, so please sign up with Cindy ASAP so the scheduling for the league can get done. The season will go through the spring, with teams having matches either Saturday late afternoons or Sunday afternoons at the local tennis clubs.